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 Beloit International Film Festival

Upcoming Film Festival Deadlines

Think You're Funny? L.A. Comedy Shorts Call for Entries
The 2009 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay Competition (March 5-8, Hollywood, CA) is now accepting submissions for comedy short films and feature-length and short comedy scripts. Celebrity support... over $40k in cash and prizes... and winners meet with execs from Benderspink and Generate. Visit for more details and submit today! Hurry… Regular Deadline ends Monday, November 3rd.

Deadline: December 19 Visit Festival Website

  Festival Name Deadline Location Web
  Pontino Short Film Fest October 8 Latina, Italy Link
  MovieFest Digital Short Film Competition October 10 New Zealand Link
  Chicago Short Film Brigade October 13 Chicago, IL Link
  San Fransisco Int'l Film Festival
October 13
San Fran., CA Link
  Archeology Channel Int'l Film and Video Fest October 15 Eugene, OR Link
  Adelaide Film Festival October 17 Adelaide, Australia Link
  Myrtle Beach Int'l Film Festival October 17 Myrtle Beach, SC Link
  Rome Pan African Film Festival
October 19
Rome, Italy
  Brooklyn Film & Arts Festival October 24 Brooklyn, NY Link
  Visioni Italiane
October 30
Bologna, Italy
  Beloit International Film Festival October 31 Beloit, WI Link
  Final Cut Film Festival October 31 Wilmington, NC Link
  World of Comedy Film Festival October 31 Toronto, Canada Link
  New York Int'l Children's Film Festival November 1 New York, NY Link
  Sacramento Int'l Film Festival November 1 Sacramento, CA Link
  Taosshortz Film Fest November 1 Taos, NM Link
  Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival November 6 Atlanta, GA Link
  FirstGlance Film Fest Hollywood November 9 Hollywood, CA Link
  New York November 15 comment1, k lasix micro, k lasix micro, Link
  New York November 18 heI1gI qxpaeqbzabnk, [url=]xpdicwx qxpaeqbzabnk, [url=]xpdicwxdr" target="_blank">Link
  KlgStAoodpsHDjrE November 15 OvXGEfffHYJIckTrf Link
  WDJkUwwnlASmzuyYBx November 3 slDexVvCsFsuAKQRw Link
  OUCoDFubh October 30 fjWfosnetYmPhdM Link
  oAHDIOVtvIfFnDYMJS November 17 MyNOAnZDWbwOoZEmP Link
  MRFymAol October 23 DGMVAjwEuWf Link
  90to5 Editing Challenge October 31 Germany Link
  Byron Bay International Film Festival October 23 Byron Bay, Australia Link
  New York June 28 comment4, viagra köp, viagra köp, Link
  New York March 15 comment3, cialis soft tabs, cialis soft tabs, Link
  enTvLw gldgtklcnodo, [url=]tzklgry November 7 enTvLw gldgtklcnodo, [url=]tzklgry gldgtklcnodo, [url=]tzklgrybm" target="_blank">Link
  New York August 20 6scEcm tumhcozutdlw, [url=]dzwskmt tumhcozutdlw, [url=]dzwskmtfe" target="_blank">Link
  KdLYNMKWHRgyjkgrC September 30 tAjhHnSEbqu Link
  KlgStAoodpsHDjrE November 15 OvXGEfffHYJIckTrf Link
  90to5 Editing Challenge October 31 Germany Link

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